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Trees play many roles in the environment, and ensuring that they are healthy is of the utmost importance. Whether it is keeping your trees healthy by proper pruning, fertilization, or helping mitigate pesky tree pests, we have got you covered. 

Our arborists have loads of experience dealing with all sorts of tree diseases and pests and can diagnose and recommend solutions that will improve the well-being and health of your trees.

Tree Fertilization

Tree fertilization is crucial not just for the sake of improving the health of growing trees, but also for helping sick trees get well. Furthermore, there is an added benefit of fertilizing your trees as the process could also benefit other plants and vegetation on your property.

Fertilizing sick trees will help ensure that they receive the nutrients they need to fight infections and grow stronger. Nevertheless, it’s recommended that you first consult a professional arborist before working applying fertilizer as it could worsen the situation in some instances.

Another benefit of fertilizing your property is improved water absorption. You must be wondering how right? Well, proper lawn and tree fertilizing will have a chain effect. When your grass gets all the nutrients it needs, its root system grows stronger, allowing it to absorb even more water. This, in turn, helps avoid the formation of muddy patches and puddles. In some scenarios, it could even help decrease the effects of erosion.

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