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Trees can grow in unusual ways and odd shapes. When this occurs, the tree may need structural support to prevent it from injuring your property or one of y our family members. Weakened branches can fall and result in accidents that could be fatal. Rather than having the tree removed, you could have your tree cabled and braced to provide the structural support needed to keep your home and your family safe.

Cabling and bracing provide the support weak or deteriorating branches need. Cables are placed from branch to branch to provide support. Braces are installed on limbs that are trying to separate from the tree to prevent cracks or fissures from forming. If you have a tree that you are concerned about, give us a call today. Our expert tree professionals will install the support your tree needs to remain healthy and standing upright.

What Benefits Do Tree Cabling and Bracing Offer?

Trees that have a weakened structure can pose a health hazard to the tree, resulting in limbs or branches falling. Cabling and bracing a tree provide support for the tree and reduce the risk of weakened limbs from breaking and falling. 

Bracing and Cabling Helps a Tree Heal and Restore the Structural Integrity of a Tree

Trees can heal themselves with time; however, they may need the help of bracing or cabling, much like a broken bone may need a cast to heal properly. Although cabling and bracing do not provide a permanent fix, these do allow the tree to heal and the structural integrity restored.

Cabling and Bracing Is a Cheaper Alternative than Tree Removal

Weak trees can become hazardous, which is why many people think a tree should be removed. Many times the tree can be saved with bracing or cabling. There are numerous factors to be considered, which is why you need a tree professional to assess the tree first. Tree removal is expensive due to the need for heavy equipment and extra manpower.

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