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Unlike tree removal, pruning and trimming, palm tree services require different training and education. Their structural growth and nutritional needs are quite different from regular trees and plants. They also require different treatment as they tend to be susceptible to various fungal infections and need water less often.

What is Palm Tree Services?

Fort Worth Tree Removal offers services such as palm tree removal, stump removal, trimming, pruning, and tree health management. Unlike regular trees, palm trees can grow tall and have a different structure. Dealing with them requires a different set of skills since they grow fronds instead of leaves.

If you require tree care services for your palm tree, call us and we’ll work with you to keep your palm tree as healthy as possible. If not, we will help you remove it and leave you with a nice and clean looking yard. No matter the service you require, Fort Worth Tree Removal is up and ready to serve.

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